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Each family has a colourful, unique story. 
I'd love to tell yours!

What if the next couple decades fly by faster than you thought, and before you know it, your kids have grown up and moved out -- and all you have to remember those years are some cellphone snapshots? What if you said yes, got married, and before you knew it, those memories of young love, excitement and fun turned grey? Weeks have a way of becoming years in a moment. 

Imagine being able to hold those moments in the palm of your hands in 20 years. Looking down at those beautiful memories and feeling them all over again... the crinkle in his eyes as he laughs, the dimples in your baby's cheeks as she smiles, the way your fur baby's tail wags in anticipation. In a second, you close your eyes, and you're there. The colours, the sights, the warmth, the joy, all captured in vibrant, true-to-life images.

That's where my family photo sessions come in. Give me a couple hours, and I'll find you an adventure in the Cowichan Valley or Greater Victoria area. Let's browse a local park, stroll the beach, or even have a BBQ in your backyard. Your family is special and unique. I'd love to tell your story!

Take a peek at a recent photo session!
So, why choose Dorota?

Patience and enthusiasm

Things not going the way we expect are a fact of life, and I come anticipating that kids might not cooperate, the weather may change abruptly, or things may break down. I'm not annoyed by your kids' questions, and love a good challenge!

Dedication to you and the images

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so you can expect the best customer service. Quick response times, flexibility in times and locations for the photo shoot, and quality images are the way I roll!


I love what I do, and have been at it for several years! I'm already excited to meet you and the special person(s) in your life.

The options
1 Hour Family Session

If you're a family who likes candid, documentary-style lifestyle photos with some posed shots included as well, then this is the session for you! In this session, we will start off with a warm-up, some posed shots (about 10-15 minutes), then spend 30 minutes in play for those fun, candid photos, and end with individual portraits (about 15 minutes).

I'll capture the real emotions you are experiencing as you laugh, hug, and have fun!

For up to 5 people. (Additional people are $25 each.)


Starting at $275.

You'll receive: 15 images in an online digital gallery, plus the option to purchase more. 1 wardrobe change.



Would you like less time and fewer images? I am now offering the following 30-minute session:

- 30 minutes of shooting time

- 8-10 professionally edited photos (with the option to buy more)

- up to 5 people

- no wardrobe changes

at the following locations in the Cowichan Valley: the Estuary, Cherry Point Beach, or Bright Angel Regional Park. Please fill out the contact request form to book this session with me!

Cost: $150

1 Hour Couples Session

I love to capture love! If you've just gotten engaged, reached your first, or 5th, or 20th anniversary, this is the session for you. My sessions are fun, interactive, and aim to capture those feelings you have for each other!

Starting at $275.

You'll receive: 15 images in an online digital gallery, plus the option to purchase more. 1 wardrobe change.

1 Hour Just You Session

Sometimes, you just want to celebrate you! If you're single, or just want photos of just you, this is the portrait session you're looking for. 

This session can take place in a local park or outdoor location of your choosing. Though please note, I do not do boudoir sessions. Feel free to bring several changes of clothes to get several different looks.

Starting at $275

You'll receive: 15 images in an online digital gallery, plus the option to purchase more. 1-3 wardrobe changes.

1 Hour Fur Baby Session

Your fur baby is so precious! Give me an hour, and we'll capture your cute pup and you interacting and playing together, plus some portraits.

Starting at $275.

You'll receive: 15 images in an online digital gallery (with the option to purchase more). 

How does it work?

1. Contact. Using the link below, send me a booking request. Once I get your message, we'll chat about what you're imagining for your photo session.

2. The details. I'll send you a contract, you'll send your deposit, and we're all set to go.

3. Photo shoot! Meet at the location, prepared to laugh and make memories. If you'd like wardrobe ideas in advance, always feel free to ask. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do we bring?

For the play part of family sessions, I encourage you to think of least two activities that engages your whole family. This could be as simple as a game of tag, to more complex activities that would require a soccer ball, shovel, or other props. Please bring the props required for the games that you would like to do. If you don't bring anything, I will have simple games ready to go that don't require props. However, you know your family the best, so planning a game that you know everyone will enjoy will make it more fun for everyone!

Is your style candid or posed?

My style is a combination of both: I'll take some classic photos of you looking at the camera, and also those moments of you just having fun! I'm inspired by those moments when you forget the camera and are just you. This is where I capture those moments when you lock eyes with your special someone, your baby reaches out to touch your face, the way you laugh together. Those precious moments you never want to forget.

What happens if it rains?

They don't call it the Wet Coast for no reason! In the fall and winter, I expect that there will be rainy days. If it's raining or we have other unfavourable weather conditions, we can reschedule to another day. There's no charge for rescheduling. I'll be checking the weather up until the day before the photo session and be in touch with you.

When and how will I get my images?

Within 2 weeks, I will upload the images to an online gallery. You will have your choice of 15 images to download as part of your package (see how many photos are included with your package). You are free to purchase more if you like, as well.

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