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This moment in your own life story is special.
Don't let it fly away.

What if the next couple decades fly by faster than you thought, and before you know it, you're in a different stage of life -- and all you have of the past years are just some cellphone snaps? 

Imagine being able to hold moments from this season of your life in the palm of your hands -- or in the hands of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren -- in 20 years.  See their delighted eyes as they talk about their beloved grandma as a 16-year-old version of you in a cute dress among flowers, still in her high school years. Or as you turn 30 and are still living the single life. In a second, you close your eyes, and you're there again: all the colours, the sights, the warmth, the joy, all captured in vibrant, true-to-life images.

That's where my "just you" portrait photo sessions come in. Give me a couple hours, and I'll find you an adventure in the Cowichan Valley or Greater Victoria area. Let's browse a local park, stroll the beach, or whatever best captures who you are right now.


Your life story is special and unique. I'd love to tell your story!

Enjoy some photos from a recent photo shoot!
The options
 1 Hour "Just You" Session

A 1-hour portrait session for just one person -- you! Let's choose a a couple locations near each other, and feel free to bring several wardrobe changes to get different looks. 

Starting at $275

You'll receive: 15 images in an online digital gallery, with the option to purchase more.  1-3 wardrobe changes.

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