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What if your amazing product or service could reach even more of your target audience with effective brand marketing and strategy, such as a curated Instagram profile with professional photos and captivating storytelling?

Hey small biz owners!

As a small business owner, it's often difficult to find time to plan, photograph, and post to your social media accounts! You may not be as inspired to post about yourself and your products as you'd like, and you just try to post something when you can. 

I've been there, and know how daunting the social media arena can look! 

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What's worse, in 2024, getting your business on social media -- particularly Instagram and Facebook -- is crucial to reach more people and get your product or service out there in your community and beyond. However, it's not enough to just post random photos; it's important to be consistent, on-brand with colours and images, have high-quality images, and be appealing.


An Instagram profile is like the front window of a brick-and-mortar store:

  • are people walking by inspired to come into the store?

  • is it obvious what you're selling?

  • does your profile inspire trust and build connection with you?

  • can people tell how you're different from other similar businesses?

Give me a few hours per week to take the reins, and I will come to your business and learn all about it, take all the photographs for your social media, develop a strategy, plus plan and post to engage your followers and reach new customers. 


From behind-the-scenes Stories, fun Reels, and curating an aesthetically-pleasing profile page, I'll take your social media presence to a new level. 


It's a passion of mine to promote local, small brands. My style is colourful, soft, low-key and kind. I particularly enjoy topics around #organic, #healthyliving and #buylocal. If my style jives with your brand, I'd love to work with you!

Why choose Dorota?

Creative + research

  • 3+ years of experience managing + creating content for small businesses and non-profits

  • A graduate degree in English Language, with a focus on social media

  • Excellent research skills -- I can easily browse through studies on Google Scholar or a simple Google search for informative, educational posts

  • Professional photography to make your brand stand out

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  • Instagram
Services I offer

Social media management + photography

Let's chat about your social media goals!


A typical package I offer includes a planning session, 30 minutes to an hour of engagement per week, hashtag research, 1-3 posts on Instagram and/or Facebook per week, photography sessions, and a monthly report. We can also discuss Stories and Reels.

Cost: $32/hr

Social Media Setup

If you aren't on any social media platforms, then this is for you! I'll set up your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other accounts so that you can skip the hassle and start posting. 


Training Session

Do you have questions about posting or using any of the apps? Save yourself the time of Googling it or trying to figure it out yourself. I'll teach you the basics, and answer your questions.

Cost: $30/hr

Still on the fence about investing in social media?

All of this social media stuff can seem like quite the expense -- I get it! Especially if you're a small business. You likely have a camera on your phone that takes good photos, and you think that it's easy to take a photo and post something once in awhile. Or maybe you just get your employees without any social media training to post something.

It's not that simple, though!

For those of you in that boat, I offer a free 20-30 minute consultation session. I'll meet you at your business, and we can chat about your social media goals, how to achieve them, and ideas for taking your social media to the next level. Whether or not you decide to invest, you'll come out with tips and ways to grow your business. :)

For the free session, just fill out the form below or contact me at and I will get back to you.

I'd love to hear from you!

Cowichan Bay, British Columbia


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