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Are you a business with a neat product, or artist with beautiful artwork, that you need captured artistically and authentically for your social media or website? The key to showcasing your products is creative thinking, photographic knowledge, and keeping them on-brand; no Instagram filter replaces this.

My style of product photography is natural and authentic. I use natural lighting instead of being in a studio. I offer lifestyle shots and/or product-only shots of your products in their natural environment. In the past, I have photographed yogurts, eggs and milk for Promise Valley Farm, blankets and pillows for Resthouse Sleep Solutions, sculptures for ArtSea Community Arts Council, and more.

Package 1: Product Only


This package is for shots of your product only; this could be a bottle of your milk in your fields, a sculpture in its spot, or whatever location fits your product and brand the best. The length of the session will depend on the product and how many different products you would like photos of.


Contact me to discuss what your products are and what your vision for the photos is!

Package 2: Lifestyle


This package is primarily a lifestyle shoot, where you can show your product in action! 

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